Everyday for lunch
Starting July 10th
11:30 am - 2:00 pm



  • Soup of the day   $13.00


    Calamari   $15.00

    slaw, sweet and spicy glazed, lemon


    Oriental Salad   $17.00

    crispy chicken, romaine, napa cabbage, cucumber, tomato, corn, onion , sesame or japanese dressing



  • Nana’s Burger (12 oz.)   $22.00

    smoked bacon, american cheese, onion rings, lettuce, tomato, fries


    Prawn Scampi   $28.00

    garlic tomato basil, spaghetti, parmesan, garlic chablis butter


    Gourmet Box Lunch   $35.00

    shrimp & vegetable tempura , tuna sashimi, short rib, chicken BBQ, crispy pork belly


    Creole Seafood   $35.00

    prawns, clams, corn on the cobb, sausage, potato, snow crab leg, spice tomato sauce, steamed rice


    Whole Red Snapper   $35.00

    sweet & sour sauce, steamed rice


    Cajun Chicken   $26.00

    blackened spiced chicken, mushroom, eggplant, tomato, bean sprout, steam rice


    Beef and Mushroom   $32.00

    ribeye, sukiyaki sauce, garlic chips, steamed rice



  • Flourless Chocolate   $12.00

    adzuki beans, 65% dark chocolate covertures, powder sugar


    Cheesecake   $12.00

    pineapple foster sauce, passion fruit essence


***Subject to 10% service charge***